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    Re: [RC] LDSA - Lynne Glazer


    There are areas of the LD program that are controversial. Nuthin' you can do to change that, and you shouldn't take those POVs personally. There is no way that every endurance rider will feel the same way about LD--remember the kind of people that do this sport--rugged individualists. People who take responsibility for their own actions and expect others to do the same.

    There are so many variables in our sport. On my seasoned mare, LD is just a pleasure ride that is over too soon, but still so enjoyable to ride a marked course while enjoying the scenery. On my greenie, LD is going to be a huge adventure, with way more of a toll on me than any 50, as I learn his parameters and handle his exuberance. So much "want to" to be channeled in the right direction.

    IMO, the controversy is not about the existence of the LD program. Items of contention include whether LD is a "race" or a "ride", whether the current BC national award should reward speed and weight factors, and awards in general.

    Like you, past injuries have at times limited me to limited distance. Didn't keep me from having fun with my horse! Nothing like it on earth, celebrating life in partnership with a horse, motoring at speed in the boonies...


    When I read how some of you feel about us LD riders, it certainly doesn't make me feel welcomed or included. It seems to me that our entry fees help pay for the costs of the rides. Maybe I am wrong. If you want to encourage new "paying" members of AERC maybe we should think about welcoming riders in the LD divisions instead of posting about what a pain we are.

    Just a thought....


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