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    Re: [RC] doing you rown hoof trimming - Lif Strand

    Quoted from Amanda's message:
    Anyone else out there beside Howard do their own trimming? How did you learn?

    I trim but don't shoe. I learned by watching an excellent farrier for years and being very cautious about it - especially in the beginning. I would only trim a little, then look at the horse walking around for a few days before trimming some more. Even now I put the horse's foot down very often to look at what I'm doing. It takes me forever to trim a horse and it kills my back and I hate doing it because it's really hard, but around here it is impossible getting someone out to trim just the few horses I have that are penned up (3 old, retired horses - the rest run loose and wear their feet down), but I don't have any horses in shoes right now anyway. I *really, truly* appreciate a good farrier, let me tell you!

    RE: dry, hard feet: I just got myself an inner tube and have cut it down and folded it over to make crude boots for soaking feet before trimming. Cheap and it works.

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