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    [RC] wintec endurance pro (in answer to Melanies questions) - Ridecamp Guest

    Amanda Perez walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx
      The End. pro comes in difference seat sizes.  I have a 17" whihc, surprise surprise, measures 17 inches from pommel to cantel (with tape straight, not following the curverature of the seat). I don't know all the sizes they come in. They do have an 18" which I wish I had gotten, being large=butted, but I guess this will inspire me to get in shape (just like all those too-tight-clothes in the back of the closet that I can't bear to throw away are supposed to be doing).  I am not familiar with icelandic saddles, but you access the stirrup hangers via an opening in the skirt, so the hanger is in fact under the skirt, so you should be able to hange the leathers under the skirt.  Is the advantage in this to avoid leg chafe?  Unfortunately where the leathers 'bite' (pinch actually) me is on my lower leg, at or below the knee, so I am thinking deep thoughts about getting some half-chaps (pr making some, being broke).
    Hope this helps.  By the way - I saw a very old wintec saddle for sale once, and the fabric DOES wear, so I made a seat cover for mine to keep the seat intact.  I'm thinking about putting fleece covers on the stirrup leathers to help preserve the skirts as well.
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