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    [RC] doing you rown hoof trimming - Ridecamp Guest

    Amanda Perez walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx
      I am getting desparate enough to try this:  I have been frantically trying to get a farrier out to trim the splitting,
    chipping, flaring feet of my TWH for MONTHS now.  One of the reasons I keep him barfoot is that riding usually keeps his feet worn and, if I ride regularly, I can go months without needing a farrier (fortunately he tends to wear level and evenly), but some travel, bad weather and illnesses kept me off him long enough for them to get away from me and now they are way too long for me to ride....ARGHHHH!!!!  Anyone else out there beside Howard do their own trimming?  How did you learn?  Any disasters?  (Better yet - any of you who do and are in the No. VA area want to do my guy?  I'll pay, grovel, grant favors....)
      Only comfort is that I wouldn't be riding in this vile weather we are having now any way (95 degrees and code-red air quality - YUCK!!!)
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