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    [RC] Linda Tellington-Jones - Darolyn Butler-Dial

    Hi everyone... we made a mistake on an over run of videos for the Georgetown
    Clinic of LTJ back from 1986 or so.  It was done as a test video for
    "Starting a Young Horse" that we produced for Farnam.  Anyway... its just
    about the only complete clinic she ever did on one video... or shall I say
    three, as it is 6 hours long & on 3 different tapes.  The quality is not our
    usual standard (sound distractions occasionally), but Linda's stuff is all
    there.  It's normally $90  but I'm selling them for $50 as long as they
    last.... Just seems a shame to copy over them after all that hard work of
    duplicating them individually.
    We do take credit cards, checks or M.O.  send to address below, (don't
    forget your address) or you can e mail me.  U'r welcome to call toll number,
    800 228 8768, but since I'm on the road a lot, the e mail or mail will be
    more secure.  
    Happy /Trails
    Darolyn Butler-Dial & Mark Dial 
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