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    Re: [RC] Weather abroad not normal - goearth

    Good Morning,  Because of NETiquette i don't usually forward private e-mails but i am on this one because its just facts from 'Down Under' and i hope it will entice others from 'Over Yonder' to e-mail me about their climatic change.  Thank you for Being RC. tom sites
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    From: Rachael Keys <rachaelkeys@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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    Date: Friday, July 05, 2002 8:44 PM
    Subject: Weather abroad not normal

    Hi Tom,
    I am from Australia, not a member of the Ridecamp list but I do enjoy reading it and what is happening endurance wise in the USA.
    I live in far north eastern NSW in the sub tropical mountains. We are having a very dry year and we did not get a wet season at all in FEB/MAR/APR when we are supposed to get it. One old timer who is pushing 70 years and was born here said he has never seen the local creek dry up in his life until this year. We live in the mountains surrounded by RAINforest and so our creek is right at the source and should always flow but the water just dried up and went underground this summer gone. We are now in our mid winter and it is normal for it to be dry now ....which it is. The water came back in the creek in May when we got a little rain. We are having a green drought... barely enough rain to keep some grass growing but not enough to replenish the ground water ...the summer will be hell if we don't get some spring rain.
    The weather hasn't been normal here where I live since 1989....you could once set your clock by the summer wet season when we would always get big floods to replenish the ground water then a dry winter/spring. We had a decent flood in 2001 but no real ones in between and no rain at all this year. Some years in the mid 90's we had wet soggy winters when it was supposed to be dry. Its like the normal cycle has gone all confused.
     at the moment much of SE Queensland is very dry and Hay is very expensive and getting scarce. I believe some places in Victoria have had too much rain and Western Australia was drought stricken last year but I believe they had some rain to relieve the situation, however I don't know what is normal for these states. I do know that when we were supposed to get the rain they were getting it out west instead ....sort of back to front this year.
     Eastern Australia had a very hot summer in general with weird westerly winds (they are supposed to be northerly in summer and westerly in winter) and we had some massive fires around Sydney because of it....it was declared a disaster area.
    Well I hope this helps. Nothing scientific just some general observations from my local area abroad downunder ! Feel free to ask any questions and I will endeaver to answer them.