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    Re: [RC] equine tape worms - Lisa Redmond

    > I thought the conventional wisdom on dragging the field had sort of
    > changed...that it was better to leave the manure in the "roughs" that
    > they don't graze than to get it out on the "greens" that they do.  I have
    > 4 chickens, and my neighbor has a flock of guineas.  They work from dawn
    > to dark to kick apart the manure piles.  It can be good, but it's a pain
    > when you have to pick the shed on the hour or the manure is too busted up
    > to get with the manure fork.
    Could be individual preference by the experts to some degree.  I like to see
    them dragged for more than just worm management.  The additional benefit to
    breaking up the manure is that horses don't like to graze areas where they
    defecate...if you take away that choice, they do a better job of grazing it
    evenly. This encourages a better grass cover and discourages weeds from
    establishing.  Like everything else in managing horses, there are pros and
    cons to different recommendations.  To some extent, you have to pick and
    choose what works best for you and your horse.
    Thanks for the compliment--I'm enjoying being a part of the gang!
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