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    [RC] equine tape worms - Rides 2 Far

    >>be sure that you drag the pasture to break up the 
    > manure---some> larvae need that manure to develop in, and if nothing
    else, it helps > spread> them out so there isn't a large concentration in
    any one spot.  
    I thought the conventional wisdom on dragging the field had sort of
    changed...that it was better to leave the manure in the "roughs" that
    they don't graze than to get it out on the "greens" that they do.  I have
    4 chickens, and my neighbor has a flock of guineas.  They work from dawn
    to dark to kick apart the manure piles.  It can be good, but it's a pain
    when you have to pick the shed on the hour or the manure is too busted up
    to get with the manure fork.
    >>>(ugh!)--long response (of course...look who wrote it! LOL)
    I'm glad we got another specialist who can type fast. :-) You've been a
    good addition to the list!
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