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    [RC] overnight camping - Paddi

    I am assuming you are packing in.
    With over 100 horses I will also assume some will be turned out hobbled. This can cause a problem for horses tied or high lined. Check with the organizer what they allow or recommend. Do not highline or tie to to trees without using tree huggers. In Canada you cannot highline in our parks with out them. If you want to know what a tree hugger is look at www.CanadianTack.com under trail equipment.
    I carry water in jerry cans in my trailer. For a 2 days trip I would haul about 25 gallons. Water slops arround and will tip over most containers. Also when you fill large containers remember the weight of water when positioning it in your trailer.
    Take as little as possible. Over packing is not recommended for packing in. Horse bedding ect is not required and takes to long to clean up after wards. Your horse will relax and enjoy herself. She will sleep better then you. She won't lay awake all night hoping you are okay. :-D
    Hope this helps