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    [RC] First Overnight Camping Trip - Cheryl Ann

    Hi All & Happy 4th -
    Next weekend, Kit and I are going on a 2-day trip, where we will ride into the Alleghany Forest. This will be our first overnight camp stay (we are 'day campers'), and there will be about 100 or so other horses. It's not any kind of a "distance" type ride.
    I am hauling water, but having trouble finding a suitable container. I don't want to put the money into one of those trailer water tanks just yet. I've been trying to find one of those big plastic juice barrels, but no luck yet. I'm thinking one or two plastic garbage cans (lined with garbage bags to keep the water in), and a siphon hose. What do you all haul water in?
    I have a 60' highline. How do you know how much line to give your horse in a group camp without 'hogging' all the room? I will be getting there by first light Friday morning, nothing even starts until Saturday. I use Knot-Eliminators on each end and she runs on a trolley in the middle, so she normally has 40' to play on.
    Do many of your horses lay down to rest in camp? Do you bring anything for horse bedding? Kit's a pretty mellow girl and I'm thinking with being there for two nights, she might want to nap, but then again, we've never camped with anyone else before.
    Has anyone ever ridden the Alleghany Forest, the Tionesta, PA  area? What type of terrain is there?  Kit's been barefoot the last 6 or so years, but I can either boot or shoe her.
    One thing I'm definately seeing is, when you trailer camp, you have to bring a lot more stuff!
    Holy Cow!
    Thanks for Help -
    Cheryl in WNY
    Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani