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    [RC] Ground Control Shoes - Tom & Vicky Smith

     I experimented with the G.C. poly shoes and LOVE them. I have been putting them on all of my horses (TWHs) this year and they have held their own against steel shoes. Some of my shoeing clients have decided to try them as well. They stay on really well, even in deep, spring mud. I haven't had any slipping problems yet.
       I put about 300 miles on one set. The fronts were shot. But I was able to reset the hinds. This is on a horse that is very hard on his footwear.
       I don't get paid to say this stuff. But these are the best shoes that I have used in regards to absorbing shock, traction and longevity. I believe that they are a great compromise between barefoot and steel shoes without the hassles of hoof boots. One of my horses went up a size in a month as these shoes allow quite a bit of hoof expansion.
        Try 'em you'll like them!
                     Vicky Smith
    PS- You may need to tap down a clinch now and then. But the benefits far outweigh the minuses