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    Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] MAGNESIUM, Joint Supplement - Truman Prevatt

    That's what it claims, but as far as I know there have has been very little research to establish this fact. I know some vets will tell people to use it.  But from what I have concluded from people that have used it, it sometimes works, it sometimes doesn't. And since the people I know that used it laid their horses up duing the time they were using it so  there is not way to tell if it wasn't really vitamin R (and not the MSM) that was in fact what did the good.

    But independent if it test or not, it is a substance I have seen on a list of items which should not be used during a ride.


    Magnumsmom@xxxxxxx wrote:
    Truman Prevatt wrote:
    MSM is one of those "nutrients" we have been talking 
    about. There are claims of anti-inflammatory properties
    but as far as I know there has not been clinical proof
    of this. Many oral joint supplements contain this compound
    at some level as a source of sulfur. From what I
    understand, even if MSM does have anti-inflammatory
    properties, the concentrations specified below fell well
    below what is thought to be therapeutic levels of MSM.

    My understanding is that MSM is the / a metabolite of DMSO,
    a known anti-inflamitory. Can you check with your DVM
    friend on this and let us know?

    My own one rat ex-racer TB studies show definate decreases
    in inflamation using MSM as stated on the jar. I've also
    used MSM as an anti-inflamitory agent in Blue when needed,
    such as when he popped a splint.

    Again, I'd rather see my endurance horse on a joint supp
    that I don't have to worry about stopping before he goes
    to a ride.

    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM

    Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] MAGNESIUM, Joint Supplement, Magnumsmom