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    Re: [RC] [RC] Sorbathane - goearth

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    From: goearth <goearth@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    To: Magnumsmom@xxxxxxx <Magnumsmom@xxxxxxx>
    Date: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 6:24 PM
    Subject: Re: [RC] Sorbathane
    >Hello Kathy,  I had the same problem w/ Sorbathane (is it an i or an a?)
    >Pads a decade or so  ago. They went 'Squishy' in training of less than 50
    >miles and it cost between 10-15$ per pad times 4.  There has to be an
    >advancemnent on this product over the years or else they gave up on what i
    >think is a Novel Idea.  If i was a Chemist, (which i am not), i would
    >incorporate a Synthetic Glue Sorbathane product utilizing the Natural Trim
    >Method and let it rip.  Shoeing has not changed basically for thousands of
    >years.  i remember being in Matthew Mackay-Smiths barn one day w/ a whole
    >slew of farriers from the region attending the glue on shoe of some type by
    >the Factory Rep and Matthews results were NOT satisfactory to him.  So
    >of the ignorant type on mechanical realms i would like to find SOMETHING
    >that works rather than a process developed thousands of years ago.  And
    >today while speaking to the Reactor Saddle People (Thank You RC) who use
    >Sorbathane in their saddles i came into poetry.... "Glue is better than
    >Screw". and i will interestingly check that saddle and that process out.
    >tom sites
    >-----Original Message-----
    >From: Magnumsmom@xxxxxxx <Magnumsmom@xxxxxxx>
    >To: goearth@xxxxxxxxxxx <goearth@xxxxxxxxxxx>; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    >Date: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 5:06 PM
    >Subject: Re: [RC] Sorbathane and Human Conditioning
    >>Hi Tom,
    >>I looked into Sorbithane pads for Magnum (the arthritic
    >>old TB ex-racer w/ an old healed fracture) a few years
    >>ago as the numbers showed a marked decrease in concussion
    >>transferred from the ground / shoe to the hoof and on up
    >>the leg.  Very impressive numbers.
    >>Yes, they do make a horse shoeing pad.  The problem with
    >>it is the pad squishes down and the shoe becomes loose
    >>pretty quickly and must be retightened.  And then
    >>when I asked the company about how much the concussion
    >>damping properties would diminish over time (given the pads
    >>squish pretty rapidly), they couldn't answer that question.
    >>So that was the last of the sorbithane pad idea for me.
    >>The old TB can lose shoes well enough on his own, thank
    >>you very much.
    >>I'd think foaming easyboots over shoes (or bare hooves)
    >>would be the best way to go for a rocky / fast endurance
    >>race.  I foamed on easyboots for Blue (my arabian) on his
    >>last 50.  He bounced around his pasture like a kid with
    >>new Michael Jordans... he thinks foamed on easyboots are
    >>pretty fun!  He also did better than I was expecting at
    >>the ride.  Here in NM, as you will recall from the
    >>National Championship ride stories a few years ago, we
    >>have Rocks... with a capital R.
    >>Kathy Myers
    >>Santa Fe, NM
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