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    Re: [RC] [RC] B.C.A.A. Complex/nutraceuticals--long - Truman Prevatt

    That's not just true for animal supplements - it's also true for human supplements. There was a run a few years ago to bring the supplement industry under FDA testing requirements. Given the economic impact, the size of the industry and the mood of the general public regarding more Government regulation - especially considering the track record of FDA in some high profile cases of life threating side effects missed during the long FDA process, I would be surprised that the human supplement industry will be put under the FDA. If the human supplement industry dodges the bullet, I would believe the animal supplement industry will also- and they actually overlap in some cases. The supplement industry cannot claim that their supplement in fact does such and such. Some are very good a dancing aournd it and making you think it's the greatest thing since canned beer while still staying within the law.

    As with anything, it is buyer beware.


    Lisa Redmond wrote:

    I have a comment to insert here that is appropriate given what Truman just
    brought up: Many of these supplements are nutraceuticals, which are NOT
    governed under the same testing rules as the veterinary drugs. Actually,
    they are not required to be tested at all.

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