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    Re: [RC] [RC] B.C.A.A. Complex - Heidi Smith

    >I ask AGAIN...........at the risk of being
    > repetitive  :o)
    > How does the administration of e-lytes jibe with Rule 13, especially the
    > "intent" section which states "Endurance equines must compete entirely on
    > their natural ability."?
    The sentence after the phrase "natural ability" in Rule 13 reads:  "AERC
    prohibits from competition equines who contain evidence of      the
    administration of abnormal substances or of normal substances      in
    abnormal amounts "   Electrolytes are normal substances (present in the body
    at all times) and are being administered in normal amounts, only replacing
    what is lost through work.  Hence they are not a violation of Rule 13.  They
    fall into the same category as food or water, where the horse may use more
    during an event than he does standing home under a shade tree, but the
    amounts being administered are only replacement amounts of normal levels.
    The horse may drink 10 times as much water (probably will) at a ride than he
    would on a non-working day--but he is not ever getting more than just
    replacing what he has sweat out.  Same thing with e-lytes.  His blood values
    of various e-lytes should (hopefully) stay right around the normal range
    with what is being administered.
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