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    Re: [RC] [RC] B.C.A.A. Complex - Lisa Redmond

    > The sentence after the phrase "natural ability" in Rule 13 reads:  "AERC
    > prohibits from competition equines who contain evidence of      the
    > administration of abnormal substances or of normal substances      in
    > abnormal amounts "   Electrolytes are normal substances (present in the
    > at all times) and are being administered in normal amounts, only replacing
    > what is lost through work.  Hence they are not a violation of Rule 13.
    So, unless and until there are defined (well-documented scientifically)
    daily requirements for the BCAA's, there isn't any way to know whether or
    not they fit that definition, is there?
    Lisa (wondering if anyone can find data to support her theory that
    strawberry pie should be a daily requirement)
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