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    [RC] Identificatrion of the female equesterian - Veronica

    Easy to locate. She's either off on the horse or out in the barn.
    Upholds the double standard.Smooches with the most bewhiskered beast, but recoils when hubby needs a shave.
    Owns one vacuum cleaner and operates it exclusively in the barn. Economy minded. Won't waste money on permanent, facials or manicures.
    A culinary perfectionist. Checks out every section of hay for mold but doesn't blink when she petrifies dinner in the microwave.
    Easy to outfit. No need for embarrassing visits to uncomfortable little boutiques. You can find all she wears at your local tack store.
    Features a selective sense of smell. Bitterly complains about hubby's sticky-sweet cigar smoke while remaining totally oblivious to the almost visible aroma of her barn boots drying next to the heater.
    A master of multiplcation. She starts with one horse,adds a companion and if its a mare she, breeds it.
    Socially aware. Knows that formal occassions call for clean boots.
    Easy to please. A new wheelbarrow,custom boots or even a folding hoof pick will win her heart forever.
    Shows her affection in unusual ways. If she pats you on the the naeck and says "you're a good boy," believe it or not, she loves you!
    I found this in one of my AQHA America's horse weekly subscription and thought that I certainly resemble this and wanted to share hope all enjoys