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    [RC] Training the trot out - Amy Cieri

    I'm in desperate need of some training suggestions to get my LAZY gelding to trot out like he means it! This horse doesn't waste an ounce of energy and seems to think the trot out is a waste of his time. Gets poor marks for impulsion and attitude. I literally look like I'm dragging him! Not impressive.
    I've been working him frequently at home trying to get him to move off of my cues. I kiss to him and if he doesn't respond, I tap him from behind with a dressage whip. Works with the whip, but not without. Obviously this isn't a learned behavior yet! He is also highly resentful of the trot out training(I'm not whacking him either). I'm afraid I'm going to have to carry the whip for the trot outs. Not what I want to do at all!
    I'm taking him in his first multi-day ride in 2 weeks and I'm feeling the crunch.
    Any suggestions!

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