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    [RC] Emergency tack trick - Rides 2 Far

    I came up with something genuinely "new" (at least to me)
    yesterday...which worked really well so I thought I'd pass it on.
    A couple of years ago the mount to my OF stirrup "hanger" (the bracket
    that mounts to the tree from which the stirrup leather hangs) broke
    (screws sheered off) in competition and I made an emergency repair that
    did not work very well. I took the strip of leather in my pack, passed it
    through the stirrup like a leather and hung it from one of the rings on
    the front of my saddle.  A: The stirrup was hanging *way* far forward. B:
    the leather stretched immediately but the knot was too tight to untie. So
    I had to cut it, and try again. Stretched immediately, had to cut it
    again...by then what with all the knots, I had a jockey stirrup hanging
    from the Pommel  Bad to ride with :-P (still came in 6th >g<)
    Yesterday while on a ride the bracket itself broke in half.  Before you
    start saying OF is made in a shoddy manner, let me point out that this
    saddle has been ridden so many miles that the brass hardware that the
    breast collar snaps to is worn almost completely in two just from the
    sliding back & forth of the snap. It's just seen some miles and has
    earned a few repairs now and then.  Anyway, this time I took my leather
    repair strip and ran it throught he stirrup (biothane) "leather" then
    *over* the seat of the saddle and through the off stirrup "leather" and
    tied it.  So I just had a loop of leather between the top of both stirrup
    "leathers".  It hung it in just the right place and when the leather
    stretched all I had to do was take up the stirrup buckle.  I was able to
    post just fine except for having to stop now and then to take up the
    length on the stirrup buckle to make up the the stretching of the leather
    strap.  I'm thinking I may replace that little strip of leather I carry
    with something nylon.  Danny Herlong had something called "Mule tape"
    that looked promising.  Does anyone else use a synthetic material as
    their "all around fix-it" material?
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