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    [RC] Talkin' LD Revolution - goearth

    after reading thru the archives and all the talk and knowing the past talk and NO resolution to this matter i propose the LD Revolt.  You have 40% of the AERC Membership and contribute from my calculations just in dues not counting riders fees etc.  150K$ per year and still feel like step children.  and you feel as if there is not equal representation on the BOD  to your views. Then i have 2 proposals.  One,  Revolt and Found your own Conferance.  AERC was founded in Running Deers kitchen.  Do your own thing and keep your own records and do it 'Your Way'.  Two.  You have 40% of the Membership, then elect your own slate and tell AERC what YOU want THEM to do.  If the President was not selected from Votes cast by the Board you could Take Control. Change Rules...work within the current system or Lobby for your views.  But, as i read from gleaning thru the Archives ,MB said you did not even come to the AERC Convention to pick up your awards.  So here is My FINAL Statement on LD.  Either work within the current system, ie.  change the rules to what makes you feel equal,  or Revolt and start the LD Conferance, or, please lets not talk about it anymore.  tom sites