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    Re: [RC] [RC] B.C.A.A. Complex - Lisa Redmond

    I don't know, Tom.  E'lytes, probiotics, and Maalox are to alleviate medical
    conditions primarily...in fact, from what I understand, some of them are
    administered by vets.  Whether BCAA's will reach that point, I don't know.
    >From a purely scientific standpoint, I don't think there's enough research
    data available at this point for them to make the call one way or another.
    That is why I'm so suspicious about the motives behind marketing them.  The
    fact that they are being heavily promoted as a performance enhancer bugs me.
    I think at this point the best call to make is "when in doubt, don't use
    them".  At least, that would be my approach to it.  Others may see it the
    other way round.
    Personally, I can't see that they're gonna make that much difference in
    getting muscle tissue repaired during the ride anyway, which seems to be the
    main thrust of advertising that I've seen.  I'm simply evaluating them on
    the basis of what I know about the science of nutrition and physiology.  I
    don't see them as being something that's necessary to prevent serious health
    consequences, as in the case of elytes.
    I think as long as BCAA's are being marketed as performance enhancers, they
    would be considered prohibited, at least in my interpretation of the rule.
    But then, the ultimate call on that should come from the BOD.
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    [RC] [RC] B.C.A.A. Complex, Tom Dean