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    [RC] [RC] B.C.A.A. Complex - Tom Dean

    Science may rule for you but confusion reigns for me when everybody gets
    talking about the interpretation of for Rule 13.  :)
    I am not trying to take advantage of any rule; I just want to take to best
    care of my horses.  If there is some supplement that can reduce the stress
    (legally) on my horses, then I want them to have it.  Maybe to the longtime
    endurance folks the rules seems simple.  But to a relative newcomer, the
    rule is vague and gives very poor guidance to somebody trying to balance
    between doing things right and want is best for the horse.
    In a sport that e'lytes, probiotics and Maalox are allowed by ride vets, how
    am I determine if B.C.A.A. is legal or not.  The people on Ridecamp cannot
    even agree whether it should be or not.  Do you know if somebody used it in
    front of a Ride Vet that it would be illegal?  I just wish there was a list
    so the learning curve would be easier and not some vague rule.
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