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    Larry Lewis www.aerc75@xxxxxxxxx
    I cannot help myself, I must post about the lady upset that the terrorist maggotts are being treated unfairly. Riders from coast to coast have remarked to me that the post made them puke. How could any American in their right mind and not on mind altering drugs think this way...also have been told I would catch flak for posting this..I could give a fat rats ass about that...I happen to have first hand information about those MAGGOTTS in Cuba...the Kansas National guard is guarding them...they are the scum of the earth..is this the proper place to post about human rights? Lady have you forgotten or been out in the sun to long..they killed thousands of Americans...do you really think a game warden is going to whisk you away to jail? I'm so mad I could spit...if ANYONE cares to confront me about this subject I will be in Kansas at the Smokey River run all weekend. I am easy to find...Where are all of you flag wavers now...Larry Lewis aerc@xxxxxxxxx One pissed of rider........

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