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    On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 20:54:39 -0500, "ALISON MUELLER"
    <lochwood_acres@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >>Larry Lewis www.aerc75@xxxxxxxxx
    >>I cannot help myself, I must post about the lady upset that the terrorist 
    >>maggotts are being treated unfairly. ...
    >AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!
    I wrote a reply to Larry yesterday, but deleted it without sending as
    it was off-topic.  But, I hope I'll be forgiven for writing this
    off-topic post this once.
    Just two points, but important ones:
    1.  The terrorists are not nice people, but they are people, human
    beings, not maggots.
    2.  The reason we cherish and defend human rights isn't to protect the
    guilty, but to protect thee and me.  If everyone the government
    suspected of a crime, or charged with a crime, or wanted to lock up as
    a suspected terrorist, was actually guilty, then we wouldn't need our
    civil rights.  We wouldn't even need trials and juries.  But the
    government is not omniscient, and it makes mistakes.  Only by
    guaranteeing civil rights to everyone, even the scum of the earth, can
    we protect ourselves.  I object to denying rights to terrorists
    because I don't want to lose them myself.
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