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Current to Wed Jul 23 17:27:26 GMT 2003
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    [RC] I'm out of here - Rides 2 Far

    I remember a time when a poster on this list was repremanded for asking a
    question that had to do with breeding...HORSES on this endurance riding
    list.  I cannot believe how low things have gone.  Last night my kids
    checked out a video and when they turned it on it was raunchy, and
    offensive.  They sat there for a minute...embarassed, waited a little
    longer to see if it got better...and then turned it off.  I was very
    proud of them.  I hope I have as much class. 
    Maybe I'll check back in a few months.  Can't remember the last time I
    picked up any useful information...just some really craz stuff from some
    pretty craz people who seem to be taking over. As the most personally
    offensive person I have met in person (wish you all had) says...CYA!
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