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    [RC] re: Rides in michigan - Allegra

       Yes, were is Tin Cup Springs?  And I cant find UMECRA.com, not to winey.  Thank you very much,

    Michigan has more rides than any other state except California.  We have 14 rides a year including the Shore to Shore which is 7 days.  You need to go to UMECRA.com and look under ride calendar.  Or AERC and look under the micwest area.  Sorry, Michigan doesn't yet have a web site after the death of Jon Apsey last year but we are working on it. 

    If you want to become a member and get the newsletter and the ride brochures, you can talk to Jean Miller, Secretary.

    Any other question?

    Little Manistee memorial Ride 5/11/ 2002
    Tin Cup Springs Ride 9/14/2002