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    [RC] re: 'hazing to trot' and our Rules - Teresa Van Hove

    OK - I've always wondered whether it was strictly legal under the
    existing AERC rules to have someone haze the horse at the vet checks? 
    I'm referring to rule 6.0, section K - see below.   Bob Morris, I'd love
    to read your slant on this.   
    I guess under this rule being paced or prompted would be ok if done by
    another entrant, or perhaps its considered part of ordinary support
    services?  But I think it should have to be another entrant - this would
    really add a neat little wrinkle to a tight race <VEG> 
    k. Not having been paced, prompted or aided by an unentered, withdrawn, 
    or otherwise unauthorized equine, vehicle, or a person other than
    another entrant.  This does not preclude the ordinary support services
    of attendants or pit crews.  A crew may accompany their rider down a
    public road in a support vehicle (unless  there is a ride management
    prohibition against it) provided they do not push or haze the equine.
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