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    Re: [RC] Rantings about undeserved completions - Dana B.

    From: Merryben@xxxxxxx
    "It does not matter if the rider is brand new, or young and cute."

    I beg to differ from your otherwise outstanding post.  As a new, not-so-young and definitely not cute rider with 30 whole LD miles to my credit, I would argue that *especially* if the rider is brand new, they should be pulled.  If an experienced rider 'gets away' with a lameness, they probably have an idea that they misrode and will endeavor to not make the same mistake twice.  Whereas a new rider (such as myself) would probably be oblivious to the fact that they may have jeopardized the welfare of their horse, and continue to over-ride or otherwise harm their horse in ignorance.

    I would be very disapointed were I pulled at the end of an otherwise successful ride.  However, I would learn from it and return hopefully wiser and more prepared to take better care of my horse.


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