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    [RC] Rantings about undeserved completions - Merryben

    In a message dated Wed, 12 Jun 2002  1:16:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, finishis2win@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    > There seems to be some
    > reluctance to pull horses at the finish and I don't 
    > understand that.
    Not by our good ride vets.  They hate to do it but they do.  Ask my 12 year old junior rider.  She finished 10th and was so excited and happy.  Her horse was off at the post ride check and when trotted out again, was worse.  She was pulled....A hard lesson but only fair.  The horse was consistently lame straight out and back and you could tell what leg it was. 
    Riders need to realize, the horse did most of the work and does not care if he is pulled.  He does not care about "his record" either.  Only the humans care.  If more people were pulled at the finish with their obviously lame and overridden horses, maybe their riders would catch on and the horses would be better off.  It does not matter if the rider is brand new, or young and cute.  If the LD rider did not have a clue, she shouldn't be out there.  It does not matter why her horse was lame [other than an accident after the ride, such as being kicked, etc.].  The fact is the horse was lame and should not complete.   Sorry if this sounds harsh but it is just too bad.  Maybe next time, they will either prepare better, learn to tell when their horse is lame or better yet, ride with an experienced person who will help them.  There are plenty of us out there who would be glad to help.....maryben 
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