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    Re: [RC] Spooky Legs - sharp penny

      After doing what Becky outlined , I take it one step
    further and desensitize the horse by having a soft cotton
    rope thrown over its back, around the neck, over the rump,
    on the head,under its belly and around the legs.I hold the
    lead rope with one hand and with the other I throw the end
    of the rope in a rhythmic motion with a very exaggerated
    movement and don't stop until the horse is standing there
    and starts to lick his/her lips. At this point I stop, walk
    up and  pet the horse then move back and start throwing the
    rope again. Every time the horse relaxes I stop, which is
    the reward. If your horse tries to run off, just follow,
    making the horse face you with two eyes and continue
    flicking the rope. Remember a horse has a harder time
    dragging you off if its head is off balance and cocked to
    the side. I like to use a 14 ft lead rope attached to a
    rope halter with two pressure point knots over the nose as
    this gives me more control than a web halter. Also, NEVER
    stop until the horse stops trying to escape and starts to
    relax otherwise you will be rewarding the trying to run off
      When Reno first came here he was scared to death of
    anything being thrown at him like a cotton rope.  If
    something happened to touched his legs without warning he
    would kick out...very dangerous behavior. Our first session
    lasted a good hour before he would stand calmly while I
    threw the rope at, under and around him on both sides. The
    next day the session only lasted 30 mins. and the following
    day he was standing calmly within 10 mins. Now I can throw
    the rope anywhere on him and he just looks at me with a
    bored expression.
    > very briefly, I start giving some of their scratches with
    > a rope in my hand
    > and can quickly progress to rubbing them all over with
    > the rope.  body,
    > head&neck, back, rump, belly and all legs from top to
    > bottom, inside and
    > out.   They are taught to give to pressure on the poll
    > *and* the same on the
    > legs.  The final result is that they will stand quietly
    > with anything around
    > their legs, and even can be led by a rope around one leg,
    > or allow a leg to
    > be lifted up by a rope.
    > Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
    > www.TheOriginalSeries.com
    > www.BlueArabianHorseCatalog.org
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    Re: [RC] Spooky Legs, Becky Huffman