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    Re: [RC] Spooky Legs - Becky Huffman

    ----- Original Message ----- From: Jerry & Susan Milam <milamj@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    > My question to you veteran horse trainers is this: How can I work with
    this > youngster on not freaking out when something hangs on to his feet
    like a > vine or a piece of barbed wire like it did last year and he freaked
    and darn > near bled to death on the trail. I should have asked this
    question last
    It is SOP around here to routinely handle the babies (and new horses)
    specifically on the legs, and specifically with things like ropes.
    very briefly, I start giving some of their scratches with a rope in my hand
    and can quickly progress to rubbing them all over with the rope.  body,
    head&neck, back, rump, belly and all legs from top to bottom, inside and
    out.   They are taught to give to pressure on the poll *and* the same on the
    legs.  The final result is that they will stand quietly with anything around
    their legs, and even can be led by a rope around one leg, or allow a leg to
    be lifted up by a rope.
    I do all this before I attempt to hobble one, and generally, if they try to
    move, a gentle reminder such as a verbal 'whoa' or a light tug on the lead
    is all that is required to keep them from flailing around and possibly
    Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
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    [RC] Spooky Legs, Jerry & Susan Milam