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    [RC] Pasture Concern/Question - Val Nicoson

    Just a quick question to ridecampers--My boarded horse
    is turned out to pasture about 1-1/2 to
    2 hours per 
    day.  I plan to go on vacation next week and am
    thinking of moving her to my friend's house for
    care while 
    I'm gone.  However she has her horses turned out
    nearly 24/7.  Since the grass is no longer
    "spring" grass 
    would this be OK going from 2 hours per day to nearly
    24/7?  I don't want her to colic.  When I
    return she 
    will then return to the stable and back to 2 hours per
    day again. 
    Plans are already in the works for moving her to a
    pasture boarding situation which we know is
    the absolute 
    best for her anyway.  But this could be 3-6 months
    down the road yet. 
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