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    [RC] pre ride VC issues and a few others - Laura Hayes

    >>>ROGER WROTE:   Since I was NOT at the OD  - let me ask this one - DID ALL the horses
    get the CRI done at ALL VC-  AND - at the FINISH - was it used as a
    finishing criteria? COULD you have been pulled for a 'failed' CRI at
    the finish??   Need to define that one?<<<
    I can answer this.  Yes, all horses were subject to CRI at all checks.  The only horses who were CRI'd at the finish did so in conjuction with BC judging.  Finish criteria was a straight trot.  So no, you could not have been pulled at the finish for a 'failed' CRI.
    I  was at the pre ride vet meeting and it was stated very plainly by the head vet that CRI is only one criteria and not to be a stand alone issue.
    BTW, I have finished over 60 AERC races, over 10 100s, most all of it in the top ten, and in several regions.  I do not feel I have ever been pulled unjustly, in fact, if I was pulled, I knew it was coming.  OK, Howard, I agree, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but that is also a whale of experience.
    Laura Hayes AERC #2741