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    Re: [RC] OD (Long) - Jim Holland

    Heidi, I agree that this is goodness...but it should be done in a manner
    that does not impact the rider. Hindsite is always 20/20, but IMHO, a
    better way to handle this at OD would have been to vet-in with rotating
    multiple single vets initially. If there was any question regarding
    lamness, THEN go to a "committee" headed by an experienced Endurance
    Vet.  Park the new vets over there to learn. There was certainly no
    shortage of vets there.  
    I can almost guarantee you that Flinn Anderson, being a VERY
    conservative rider would not have started on a perfectly sound horse had
    I not been there. Any hint of anything wrong with her horse would have
    caused her to take NO chances. Betcha this wasn't the only case, either.
    The vets at OD were really great. They were easy to work with and even
    trotted our out our horses for us so WE could watch.  I had NO problem
    with the quality of the veterinarians. They were a great group. Me, I
    just didn't like the procedure. Nothing's perfect, however.
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    Heidi Smith wrote:
    > OTOH, Jim, how are new vets to learn?  I'm glad to see vets comparing notes
    > more and more at the larger rides, and if anything, I've seen more problems
    > with single vets who are not knowledgeable pulling horses or not allowing
    > horses to start because they simply don't know about minor gait
    > irregularities, etc. than I've seen with the group approach.  I'm really
    > glad to see this sort of mentoring and discussion going on between vets--I
    > think we have nothing but consistency to gain (which we badly need) and that
    > ride vets come out of it learning more and knowing more, which benefits our
    > horses in the long run.
    > I know that even after vetting over 250 rides myself, I still find it a
    > treat to be able to discuss and kibbitz with other good ride vets, and I've
    > enjoyed working rides where there is some teamwork and discussion.  VERY
    > interesting to be able to see through other vets' eyes....
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