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    Re: [RC] horse purchase - Sullivan

    Not every seller will let the horse go out on trial, and you are taking the risk of something happening to the horse under your care....personally, I think I would just plan to go there on a weekend, perhaps stay overnight at a motel, and try the horse several times.
    I DID just let a horse go on trail for a month-the buyers were liable for the stated value of the horse if it keeled over and died or was injured.  They also wanted to take the horse to several clinics and even out of state for a POST training.  I knew these people and trusted them, and felt comfortable taking that risk.  We did, h owever, have a detailed contract.
    Years ago, some folks wanted to purchase a horse from me and take it on trial.  They were willing to cover the costs of any injury or liability due to their negligence, but did not want to be responsible some something like "an act of God", such as a bolt of lightening hitting the horse, or driver running through their fence and hitting the horse, etc. Since this could really get into grey areas, I declined letting them take the horse.  I figure, if the horse is OFF MY PROPERTY, I want the buyer responsible, period!
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    Subject: [RC] horse purchase

    Could anyone please tell me what the customary way is to try out a horse?
    This is where I'm at:  I found a horse who seems to fit the bill for what I'm looking for.  The horse is located 4 hours away so I'd like to bring him back to the stable I plan to board at for a trial period.  I also plan to have him vetted out during this period.  So should I give the owner the payment in full even though the horse has yet to be vetted out or do I post date the check?  Or should I just put down a deposit?  If that's the case then what is an acceptable amount?  And , since I'm asking all these questions how long do you think is a reasonable time period to try out a horse?
    Thanks !

    [RC] horse purchase, T.B.Pots