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    [RC] Lyle Bergeleen Shoeing School - Dorothy J. Miller

    Lyle Bergeleen is coming to the Northern CA area during Tevis to host an apprenticeship school for a few, select individuals, some of whom are practicing shoers interested in his methodology.  He is looking for a barn and/or barns with 15 to 30 horses each.  These horses will receive the benefit of Bergy's 23 years of experience and will only be paying $30 a head for shoes.  If any of you know of a barn that may be interested, please let me know. He would prefer a barn within 100 miles of Auburn, but is open to other suggestions.
    For those of you not familiar with Bergy, you can check out his website at www.hooftalk.com . Bergy has spent the past 23 years shoeing horses and perfecting his trade.  He has discovered that alot of horses are not being shod properly.  He is not a "corrective" horse shoer, since, as we all know, when you try to "correct" one problem, you cause three others.  He shoes horses naturally in alignment with their way of going.  He is currently working on a shoe that will be specifically for endurance riders.
    As part of this school, he will be looking for horses with chronic problems that he can address and help.  Bergy has lectured at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Madison, WI, Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento, etc.  He has held clinics at universities throughout the U.S.
    If you have any questions or know of a barn that may be interested, please e-mail to let me know.  Although the shoes will be put on by persons learning the trade, they will be supervised by Bergy at all times.
    Dorothy Miller