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    RE: [RC] horse purchase - Roby, Diane

    I had something really weird (well to me it was) happen while returning from a trail ride this weekend and was wondering if this is normal behavior and I should just get used to it.
    We had pulled into a truck stop for breakfast and while eating this strange man approached our table and asked if the grey horse in the trailer was ours.  I said yes, she's mine.  He then asked if she was for sale...my response was almost an instantaneous NO.  He asked what she did and said if I changed my mind he'd sure be interested.
    I was floored.  I've only had her since Sept. and only been on 2 organized rides so this caught me so off guard I almost ran outside to make sure no one had bothered with her.  I guess I learned the don't talk to strangers advice a little too well but there's no way I would approach someone and ask to buy their horse.  Course she's more than just a horse to me.
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    Just a few comments here...
    I agree with the folks who have said that you should first try the horse in the seller's environment.  As a seller, unless I know someone well, I also want to observe how the horse reacts to the person, as I don't want the horse to go into a situation that I think will be incompatable.
    Another factor to consider if you do take the horse to a different location for a trial period is an insurance policy where the seller is the loss payee.  That's a small price to pay to CYA, so to speak, and it provides the seller with protection if something goes wrong.
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    Subject: [RC] horse purchase

    Could anyone please tell me what the customary way is to try out a horse?
    This is where I'm at:  I found a horse who seems to fit the bill for what I'm looking for.  The horse is located 4 hours away so I'd like to bring him back to the stable I plan to board at for a trial period.  I also plan to have him vetted out during this period.  So should I give the owner the payment in full even though the horse has yet to be vetted out or do I post date the check?  Or should I just put down a deposit?  If that's the case then what is an acceptable amount?  And , since I'm asking all these questions how long do you think is a reasonable time period to try out a horse?
    Thanks !