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    Re: [RC] horse purchase - Tara Wheeler

    The three things I've learned about buying horses are; always trust your gut
    feelings, vets can make mistakes, horses, buyers and sellers all have good
    days and bad days.
    I am firmly of the opinion that you should test drive a horse away from his
    home turf to see what they're going to be like at rides.
    Riding a horse on his home turf is a great test too (want to check for barn
    sour and other games), but if you can't ride it where you want to ride it,
    what's the point of buying it?
    I now also firmly believe in test riding a horse in a purposely stressful
    environment, as that's what they're going to get at a race start (playdays
    are great test grounds-- pretty safe, enclosed arenas, usually tilled
    ground, lots of noise and excitement and there's usually somebody with first
    aid training to come pick you up out of the dirt if you really seriously get
    in over your head).
    I suppose you could always arrange to meet the seller at a playday or a ride
    and test ride there. . .
    Guys and gals, there's no way to 100% CYA in buying and selling horses.
    You should close your eyes, make your choice and commend your soul to the
    god of your choice.
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