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    Re: [RC] Keeping horse's cool - Maggie & David

    > > Maggie--braid 'til it hurts
    > > Ol' Bubba--27 braids on each side!
    > Personally, I think fat braids on a horse with tons of mane let more air
    > in. 27 braids is practically a blanket!
    > Angie & Kaboot (tons of mane, 8 or so braids on one side, and one on the
    > forelock!)
    Those ARE fat braids!!! Bubba is a Morgan. Old type. The base of his mane is
    several inches across and very thick. TWO braids in the forelock, otherwise
    it stands up!
    Maggie--we go through a lot of little rubber bands
    Ol' Bubba--I look like a GIRL!
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