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    [RC] pre-ride vet check - db8ranch

    Had a friend go to a ride this weekend.
    At the pre-ride vet check the vet said that the horse was "off-balance" and therefore she was not allowed to ride. The horse was not lame and no mention of lameness was noted. The vet commented on the shoeing job and that she better find a better farrier.
    Two weeks earlier she rode with me on a 50 miler and the horse was just fine. Same shoes, NO lameness at all.
    I didn't know that you could be denied entry for a reason like this. I have checked the AERC rules and Vet Handbook and there is no mention of anything like this. I understand that EVEN if a horse is grade 1 lame (which this one was not) a horse is allowed to enter and they just watch to see if it gets worse.
    Can someone explain this to me?
    Also, in a situation like this, is there a refund of your entry money? Can't find that in the rules/regs.
    Thanks for any clarification on these questions.