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    Re: [RC] horse purchase - Laney Humphrey

    Hi Traci,
        A lot of owners won't let a horse leave their premises on trial because of the risk to them of getting a horse back in non saleable condition.  Horse buying is always a crap shoot but try to negotiate a contract that allows what you want but also gives the seller protection.  Keep in mind that a move is very stressful for a horse.  My working assumption is that it will take about 6 months for a horse to adjust to new surroundings which is much too long for a trial period.  In other words, you may not be any better off bringing a horse to your place to "try" it than you would riding it several times in surroundings it's already familiar and comfortable with.  Unless you are already fairly knowledgeable about horses and their behavior, please take someone with you who is, even if you have to pay them.  It's money very well spent because you can write a contract allowing the horse's return for certain physical defects which a vet exam would cover, but not for unacceptable behaviors which you may not be skillful enough to see.
        Opinions differ about whether it is good or bad to use a vet already familiar with the horse for a prepurchase exam.  The risk is that the vet has more allegiance to his on-going client, the seller, than to the purchaser and might not be truly unbiased.  On the other hand, that vet knows the horse and should be a good source of information about its long term history.  You have to decide.  As an example, a horse I know was sold; the vet that has always taken care of the horse was used for the prepurchase exam which in this case was useful because only that vet knew that the horse is allergic to the regular needles used for vaccinations and that stainless steel needles should be used.  Not a life threatening deal but passing this knowledge along helped the new owner.  Even if you choose a different vet, ask the seller if you can discuss the horse with its regular vet.
        Remember that buying and selling horses is a lot like buying and selling used cars.  Be well informed, protect your interests but remember that the seller has needs too so be willing to negotiate.

    "T.B.Pots" wrote:

    Could anyone please tell me what the customary way is to try out a horse? 
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    [RC] horse purchase, T.B.Pots