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    Re: [RC] pre-ride vet check - Lynne Glazer

    I didn't know that you could be denied entry for a reason like this. I have checked the AERC rules and Vet Handbook and there is no mention of anything like this. I understand that EVEN if a horse is grade 1 lame (which this one was not) a horse is allowed to enter and they just watch to see if it gets worse.
    Can someone explain this to me?

    Also, in a situation like this, is there a refund of your entry money? Can't find that in the rules/regs.

    A ride's refund policy should be stated on the ride flyer. Some rides withhold an "office charge" for riders whose horses don't pass the pre-ride check or who otherwise pre-entered but called and cancelled.

    I personally feel that the rider whose horse doesn't pass the pre-ride check has parted with enough cash already just to get to the ride in the first place, and choose not to withhold anything from the entry.

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