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    Re: [RC] How do you know? (long) - Jim Holland

    Penelope, you did everything right...and you're worried about the right
    things. You're learning every ride and taking it slow. I was  hanging
    out at Matthew McKay-Smith's vet/worker briefing at OD this weekend. One
    thing he said stuck in my mind..."A horse won't die from being lame, but
    he certainly will because of metabolic problems". (I guess falling over
    a cliff would be an exception :))
    Endurance can be a rewarding and at the same time a frustrating sport.
    You can do everything right, and fail. Things happen that are just
    beyond your control. You can have all kinds of problems and succeed.
    Sunny had all kinds of foot problems in 2000...I was forever patching
    his feet, fooling with different shoes and pads, and trying to improve
    his eating, drinking and gut sounds, but we had a GREAT year. This year,
    his feet are better, he has better metabolics, eats/drinks better, and I
    have just been snake bit. 
    Best rule to remember is "Know Thy Horse". Learn all you can about him,
    what conditions are best for him, what conditions are worse. For
    example, Sunny does well at gently rolling rides and cool weather.  He
    owns Biltmore...and does well at Big South Fork. Reno needs time to
    figure it out and you need time to figure him out. It takes a lot of wet
    saddle blankets...be patient. You haven't had him very long.  Remember,
    I have had Sunny over 7 years...and I'm STILL working on stuff. 
    You're doing great! Try to improve your performance a little bit...and
    his...each ride. Continually "tweak" things...but don't make major
    changes.  If all goes well, the Top Ten will just happen one day. Don't
    ride to Top Ten...take what the trail, weather, and your horse gives you
    on THAT day. If and when he is ready, you will know. Looking forward to
    riding Biltmore with you.
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    >sharp penny wrote: 
    >   Okay now what can I do differently to keep those gut
    > sounds at an A or A-?  Also can I ever expect to top ten
    > with this horse? I realize that it takes 2 years to put a
    > base on a horse and I am very happy with just completing.
    > I am concerned that his not drinking for the first loop and
    > a half may hinder him from ever being competitive. Will
    > time and rides change this or are there some things I can
    > do to get him to drink sooner?
    >   I have become addicted to this sport and even though now
    > I'm happy and thrilled to just finish, some day I want to
    > think we can be competitive and top ten. I also want to
    > move up to 100's one day and am wondering if Reno will ever
    > be able to do this? Reno is pretty young (8yrs)so if he has
    > the talent I have plenty of time to get him ready. I just
    > wonder how you can tell if a horse has what it takes to
    > eventually do 100's???
    >  Thanks again y'all!
    > Penny & Reno ( now with 125 AERC miles :) whoo hoo!!)
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    [RC] How do you know? (long), sharp penny