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    [RC] FW: Dial and Frost Become U.S. IAHA 50-mile Champs - Steph Teeter

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    Subject: Dial and Frost Become U.S. IAHA 50-mile Champs

    Dial and Frost win IAHA 50-Mile National Championships at Fort Howes Ride


    Ashland, Montana (June 9, 2002): Sunday the U.S. National Champions for the IAHA (International Arabian Horse Association) were determined at the Fort Howes Endurance Rides. Brittney Dial is the U.S. National IAHA 50-mile endurance Champion for the pure bred division. Karen Frost is the U.S. National IAHA 50-mile endurance Champion for the half-arab division. Brittney also was the top IAHA junior rider. The 50-mile ride held Sunday was a combined IAHA event and an AERC (American Endurance Ride Conference) event. Karen Frost finished first in the overall event and was the AERC 50-mile winner.


    This years Fort Howes Endurance Rides were held over a three-day period (June 7, 8, and 9). During the first two days the weather was basically clear for the riders. However, late Saturday afternoon the weather changed  it rained over an inch and it hailed. Dry and dusty conditions changed to wet and muddy conditions. However, by Sunday morning the course was mostly firm and good for riding. Only a few course changes had to be made for safety reasons. Sundays 50-mile race started at 8 am and the temperature was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Thirty-four riders started the 50-mile AERC ride, 18 in the IAHA pure bred division, and 5 in the IAHA half-arab division. Of the 34 starters, 27 finished. Surprisingly, 4 of the top 10 finishers were junior riders.


    On Saturday morning there had been almost 200 horse trailers in the Fort Howes camping area. By dinner time Sunday all but about 30 of those horse trailers had left for the drive home. Dinner was served for 65 people  it consisted of pork, potato salad, tossed salad, and chocolate cake.


    IAHA and AERC officials gave out the awards right after dinner. The Fort Howes ride is blessed with generous sponsors. Top ten winners walked away from the awards with their arms full.


    Karen Frost rode a horse she calls Fox to victory. The horses real name is Abu Ja Ben Ishma.  Karen said, We bought the horse for ranch horse, but that work was too slow for Fox. Hes 14 years old and hes a prairie horse. I just let him do what he wanted to do in the ride. Karen has been endurance riding for 9 years and hails from Jordon, Montana. She has won 5 Mountain Region rides but didnt compete for the last two years. Three years ago, while she was in a competitive ride, she was kicked by another horse and her leg was broken. It took her two years to recover well enough to ride again. This was her first IAHA ride ever.


    This years Fort Howes Endurance Rides drew an unusually large field of entrants. The rides determined, among other things, the 2002 International Arabian Horse Associations Champion endurance Arabian horse in both the 100-mile and the 50-mile ride. Also, this was only one of a few races in the U.S. which will determine who qualifies for the World Endurance Championships in Spain in September.


    The entrants in the 50-mile ride are given 12 hours to complete the course. Entrants in the 100-mile ride are given 24 hours to complete the course. A ride time of 11 hours is considered a very good time in the Fort Howes 100-mile ride. With the top level entrants this year 6 horses completed the course with a ride time under 11 hours.


    Horses must make mandatory, periodic stops during ride. During these rest stops a veterinary checks the horse for soundness and metabolic fitness. If a horse passes the veterinary check it can proceed on the next leg of the ride.


    The Fort Howes Endurance Rides are held about 25 miles South of Ashland, Montana, off Otter Creek Road. They are hosted by Bill and Jan Stevens on the old Circle Bar Ranch. The rides traverse their property in the valley and most of the course is in the hills of the Custer National Forest above their ranch. Much of the course loops around interesting rock formations and follow Native American trails and game trails. No part of the trail is paved. The rides include 100-mile, 50-mile and 25-mile rides.