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    Re: [RC] How do you know? (long) - Susan Garlinghouse

    >   This ride was a rude awakening and I would like some
    > input on how y'all would have managed this horse to get
    > better results as far as gut sounds.
    Penny, I think you did a really good job managing him nutritionally and I
    wouldn't change a thing there.  IMO, only as a nutritionist and not as an
    endurance rider, I think the only thing Reno needs is experience.  It sounds
    like you did just fine---just give him a chance to get it all figured out.
    After speaking to a lot of riders over the years, most horses with half a
    brain figure it all out for themselves within the first thousand miles and
    suddenly start gobbling everything in sight.  So in the meantime, just keep
    doing what you're doing. :-)
    Susan G
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    [RC] How do you know? (long), sharp penny