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    [RC] How much is a good crew worth? - Terry Woolley

    I agree that a crew in invaluable.  But in this instance, when riders ask a
    non-friend to crew as a job, the question has been asked as to what is
    reasonable to expect as payment.
    I told her that I felt that the rider should incur all her  out of pocket
    expenses such as gas to get there, food, and a place to stay (if not staying
    in the rider's rig), and time away from home as well as level of
    responsibility and work.  I told her that in the case of Tevis for the week
    end it should probably be all her expenses, plus some money (probably $150
    to $200).
    The question is:
    what do you think is reasonable to pay for crew when it is strictly a job,
    and not for love or sex?
    Terry Woolley Howe
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    > John Teeter is right on.  Crews are invaluable. In 2000, Sunny and I won
    > a SE Regional Award.  The rides included a completion at the two of the
    > toughest rides in the East, the Old Dominion 50 and the Leatherwood
    > Extreme Challenge (Top Ten).  Couldn't have done as well at either ride
    > without them...nor would I have won an award without them.
    > I have the best crew EVER. Gabe Buckler and Joan Tipton (and sometimes
    > Gabe's friend Becky Ricks) have traveled many miles and patiently
    > suffered thru cold, rain, heat, and gloom of early morning to crew for
    > me.  At some rides, they crewed for me and Flinn Anderson. At some rides
    > they crewed for me, Flinn, and everybody anywhere close to them.  At
    > Longstreet's Charge last week, Joan  crewed for Ann Cofield's horse
    > Timex and Ann's daughter in the "gaps" while crewing for me and Flinn.
    > Timex was in the 25 mile Top Ten. (10th place) Ain't no way she would
    > have been there without Joan.
    > These folks love to crew...and would do it for nothing...just as I did
    > for quite a few years.  They are Sunny's biggest fans. They just love
    > that little guy. They crawl all over him at every vet check, hold the
    > feed tub if necessary to get him to eat, check EVERYTHING 10 times, and
    > make sure that I eat and drink. They are so proud when he does
    > well....as I am of them. I gave them all baseball caps with "Sun of
    > Dimanche" across the front which they proudly wear.
    > I insist that they cannot buy a meal...that's on me.  (IMHO, it's bad
    > luck if you don't buy dinner for your crew) If they drive, I will buy
    > gas if they will let me. I provide beer, etc...whatever they drink. I
    > would gladly pay...but I have difficulty getting them to accept
    > I am blessed with a great crew. I owe these folks more than I can every
    > repay.  They make an average little horse with a lot of heart and an old
    > guy look really good. Thank you for putting up with me.
    > Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    > Ridecamp Guest wrote:
    > >
    > > So, I ask, how much is a good crew worth?
    > > Any opinions, or comments would really help me out, Thanks!
    > > Miranda
    > >
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