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    [RC] How much is a good crew worth? - Rides 2 Far

    Well...I can tell you a I'd have given quite a bit to have mine back this
    At Longstreet it rained a good inch the night before. Their ambulance
    driver didn't have 4x4 and apparently everyone else in management with a
    4x4 thought up an excuse,  so being a person who camps with a 4x4 hooked
    to a 2 horse trailer with no elaborate awnings etc. hooked on I was a
    real sitting duck to have my rig confiscated.
    I was doing 50 with my daughter and Bill, Bonnie & Bekki Crippen were
    going to crew which with 3 away checks is pretty essential.  After my
    truck left Josie & I ended up on the mountain with nothing but a bag of
    hay, 4 doses of electrolytes (2 horses 3 checks) and water (I stole 2
    doses from you Jerry Fruth).  It was a slow course and when we got back
    to camp at 4 PM my crew was STILL hauling horses off the mountain. (It
    took a 2 hour round trip including 18 miles (per round trip) of rutted
    out muddy road to bring down 2 horses...he hauled 7).  What would a crew
    have been worth? LOTS. I could have sat down at least once maybe.  I
    might have had something to eat.  I wouldn't have been saddling 2 horses,
    I wouldn't have had to give my jacket to my horse at the vet checks. :-PP
     By the way, when we got through with the ride I had no camp! My truck
    and trailer *were* my camp so we walked around camp for 2 hours leading
    our horses because we had nowhere to tie them...or dry clothes to change
    into... or food... WHINE, WHINE, WHINE!  I'll admit it I was a real baby
    about it cause I've gotten used to having a crew. 
     O.K. I know what ya'll are thinking. What about your other daughter who
    was crewing?  Well...I'll give you a hint. She woke up as we came into
    the 2nd check, lifted her head from where she was sleeping and said, "I
    am SO tired" then proceeded to tell me just how tired she was as I
    unsaddled my horse.  She got those long glue-on nails for the prom and
    made it through the whole weekend without damaging them. (what a relief!)
    Crews are great, but I don't know about this cash thing.  Cash is in
    short supply and there's other ways you can pay back a spouse
    crew....subservient devotion at home, fried chicken...etc. etc. Maybe if
    you're going as a paid crew you could help several different riders and
    it would add up for you without adding up too bad for them.  I'm sure
    crewing multi-days is a whole different world.
    Can't wait till tomorrow. I get to clean off the 2" of mud that's
    encrusted all over my truck...including some up over the hood...and a
    good 6" deep on the fenders of my trailer. I did make a point of driving
    it to school to park between the Explorers and Lexus in the teacher's
    parking lot today. It's good for my image with the students. >g<
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