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    Re: [RC] How much is a good crew worth? - Jim Holland

    Well, dang, Angie...you could have hung out over at our place... and at
    the vet check.  We had my truck up there and Gabe's truck...we were
    hauling all kinds of stuff for people. Didn't know you were temporarily
    homeless! :) At least you finished! <sigh>. The use of your truck and
    trailer was appreciated by all. Sunny pulled something up high in the
    rear and I was out at the last check. Flinn Anderson rode with me all
    day and finished 26th or so on Abe.
    Jerry Fruth and Irene were out at the first check with a stone bruise.
    Hmmm...did anyone verify this? I think he just wanted to hang out at the
    vet check and crew for Diane and their son Ryan. <grin> Ryan did a great
    job on a really cold, windy day with a sloppy, steep. and rocky trail.
    You, too, Diane! The wind was really howling up on the overlook. It was
    cold!  There was frost on the pasture Monday morning....and it's almost
    June.  Weird weather this year.
    Talk about great crew...there were 3 horses (including me) waiting to go
    back down near the end. Since your trailer only carried two, that left
    me a long wait. Duane Barnett's dad graciously unloaded the other side
    of his little two horse and gave Sunny a ride back to camp. Thank you,
    Sir...Sunny was most appreciative. 
    Duane really had it tough.  He was running up in the Top Ten when his
    horse punctured his frog on a stob. I remember those dang things from
    last year. We need to round up a group one weekend, trail ride up there
    and attack those things. Sunny had a torn up Equithane pad on the right
    front...suspect that was also due to those stobs.
    Thanks also to Rick Everett for hauling water and building the nice fire
    at the vet check.  The crews really appreciated it! All of the
    Chattanooga Arabian Horse Club did a great job under some really adverse
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    Rides 2 Far wrote:
    > Well...I can tell you a I'd have given quite a bit to have mine back this
    > weekend.
    > At Longstreet it rained a good inch the night before. Their ambulance
    > driver didn't have 4x4 and apparently everyone else in management with a
    > 4x4 thought up an excuse,  so being a person who camps with a 4x4 hooked
    > to a 2 horse trailer with no elaborate awnings etc. hooked on I was a
    > real sitting duck to have my rig confiscated.
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