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    Re: [RC] How much is a good crew worth? - Truman Prevatt

    Well if the truth be known Jerry probably wanted to hang out by the fire - getting soft in his old age:-).

    Way to go Ryan. He's got a nice horse and they are going to make a great endurance team.

    Two years ago when I did Longstreet's it was about 100 degrees with absolutely no breeze on top. It was so hot that we came to this pond on the second loop - the one Angie told us was only about knee deep and had a good bottom. It had a good bottom but it was a lot more than knee deep, but it felt so good to swim out I didn't even mind.

    Great ride on a great trail put on by top notch people, hope to make it next year.


    Jim Holland wrote:

    Jerry Fruth and Irene were out at the first check with a stone bruise.
    Hmmm...did anyone verify this? I think he just wanted to hang out at the
    vet check and crew for Diane and their son Ryan. <grin> Ryan did a great
    job on a really cold, windy day with a sloppy, steep. and rocky trail.
    You, too, Diane! The wind was really howling up on the overlook. It was
    cold!  There was frost on the pasture Monday morning....and it's almost
    June.  Weird weather this year.

    Talk about great crew...there were 3 horses (including me) waiting to go
    back down near the end. Since your trailer only carried two, that left
    me a long wait. Duane Barnett's dad graciously unloaded the other side
    of his little two horse and gave Sunny a ride back to camp. Thank you,
    Sir...Sunny was most appreciative.

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