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    Re: [RC] [RC] Helmets - Sullivan

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    From: "ALISON MUELLER" <lochwood_acres@xxxxxxxxxxx>
     The one with a helmet was on a green 3yr old.  I did a lot of
    > ground work with her, and had ridden her for a good month.  We were doing
    > figure 8 like we had done many times and something spooked her (one of
    > no-see-ums).  She took off bucking like a rodeo horse.  And yes off I
    > I landed on my head on a rock.
    I always ride in a helmet, but thanks for the heads up here....I am in same
    situation with 3 year old, regularly handled and saddled, on and off her
    back for about 20 times, still have to remember this stuff can happen.  She
    had never shown any inclination to buck but one can never be too careful!
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